Saskatchewan Equivalency Agreement

In short, the agreement allows coal-fired power plants such as Boundary Dam 4 and 5 to continue operating until 2021 and 2024 respectively. Without this agreement, power plants based in Estevan are expected to be closed by the end of 2019. 3.9 The parties acknowledge that their privacy rules and access to data protection information and legislation apply to all information received under this agreement. Official Title: An agreement on the equivalence of federal and Saskatchewan rules on controlling greenhouse gas emissions from electricity producers in Saskatchewan, 2020, between the Government of Canada, representing the Minister of the Environment (« Canada ») and the Government of Saskatchewan, represented by the Minister of the Environment (« Saskatchewan ») 5.2 The parties agree: That this agreement does not affect the position of one of the parties with respect to legislative jurisdiction with respect to the application of paragraphs 91, 92, 92 bis of the Constitution Act, 1867, including, but not limited to, the development, conservation and management of non-renewable natural resources in the province. Duncan obtained cabinet approval to sign the agreement at its February 14 meeting, and said his federal counterpart Catherine McKenna got the agreement from the federal government to sign the agreement. However, McKenna`s signature authority is subject to a further 60 days of public comment. « I hope we can sign something in March, but if it`s not in March, it could be April or May, » Duncan said. « We`re ready for our end, I think it`s the Takeaway. We are ready to sign the equivalency agreement. 6.2 This contract expires on December 31, 2024 or may be terminated earlier by notifying one party in writing for at least three (3) months.

3.1 The parties share the information in accordance with the management of this agreement. 6.1 This agreement is signed by the parties and comes into effect on the day the order is registered in accordance with paragraph 10, paragraph 3 of the EPA, which states that the provisions of the federal methane regulations do not apply in an area under the jurisdiction of the Province of Saskatchewan. and whereas, in determining equivalence, the effects of the federal regulation on coal-fired power plants have been modelled on the basis of regulated requirements that include 420 tonnes of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour of electricity generated (t CO2/GWh) of the emission intensity standard for coal-fired power plants operating beyond their useful life. Total modeled emissions from Saskatchewan`s electricity generation sector for the period January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2029 are 176.7 million tonnes of CO2; The parties agree to conclude this agreement, which recognizes that OGEMR, PNG036, defines all sections that define the measurement and procedures for quantifying oil and gas quantities in accordance with the PNG017 directive adopted by the Minister, as well as all sections relating to a resident`s right of inquiry under the OGCA and prohibitions – criminal offences and penalties are provisions that are in accordance with the provisions of Section 10 of the EPA and, after the signing of the agreement, the Governor may declare to the Council, by order of paragraph 10, paragraph 3, that federal methane regulations do not apply in an area under the jurisdiction of Saskatchekatwan Province. 4.5 The parties acknowledge that this agreement does not affect the form of a future electricity agreement between the parties. 6.1 Parties may, from time to time, amend this agreement in accordance with the requirements of Section 10 of the EPA.